Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cunning Hat - Loom Knit

Cunning Hat
Loom Knit pattern by Nadine Borovicka
Inspired by the Jayne Cobb hat on Firefly

Download PDF Here

Yellow Knifty Knitter
Orange Yarn (Lionbrand Jiffy in Rust)
Yellow Yarn (Lionbrand Jiffy in Gold)
Red Yarn (Lionbrand Wool-ease chunky in Redwood)
Loom Knitting Tool
Pom-pom maker
Yarn Needles

Color A = Orange
Color B = Yellow
Color C = Red
K = Knit stitch
P = Purl Stitch

E-wrap Cast on all pegs with color A. [K1, P1] around loom for five(5) rows. E-wrap stitch on one more row of color A. Do NOT knit off and do not cut color A yarn.

Start ear flaps working with color C. Starting on peg 8, working clockwise, e-wrap cast on 9 pegs. Knit 5 rows of color C back and forth on those 9 pegs. Do NOT touch strands of color A. We will come back to it. Increase the 6th row at both ends (11 pegs) and knit 7 rows. Increase the 13th row at both ends (13 pegs) and knit 7 rows. Increase the 21st row at both ends (15 pegs) and knit 10 rows. You’ll end the earflap with 3 loops on each of those 15 pegs. Two of color A on the bottom and one of color C on top. Cut Color C and make second ear flap starting on peg 33.

Diagram of peg placement

After both earflaps are finished, beginning with peg 1, knit non-ear flap pegs off 1 over 1 (just loops of color A). Knit off earflap pegs 1 over 2 (Pull the bottom loop of color A over both the top color A and color C loops). E-wrap around loom with color A. Non-ear flap pegs, knit off 1 over 1 (just loops of color A). Earflap pegs, knit off 2 over 1 (bottom 2 loops, 1 color A and 1 color C, over top loop of color A).
E-wrap knit normally with color A for 8 rows. Switch to color B, E-wrap knit for 15 rows. Bind off using Provisional method. Make a pom-pom with all three yarn colors and attach to the top of the hat. Tie off all of your ends but do NOT weave in to maintain that “just made by Ma Cobb” look.

Copyright © Nadine Borovicka 2008 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or distributed without written consent from the author.


Jannymom said...

I'm making my hubby a Cunning Hat and am a beginner who has done a few loom projects already. However, I'm not familiar with the abbreviations. When you say K1 P1, does that refer knit a row, purl a row or individual stitches?

Nadine said...

Hi Jannymom. If it is the part at the beginning, I want you to alternating knitting a stitch and then purling a stitch all on the same row. This will create ribbing for the brim of the hat.

Nanny mom said...

Thanks! Is there a photo of your finished hat here?

Nadine said...

I've added one. It isn't great and I've given it away as a gift. But I hope it helps.

Haley Fischer said...

I am slightly confused with your instructions, so first you make five rows of the orange color AKA the hat, then make the ear flaps, and then go back to the rest of the hat?

Nadine said...

Haley, yes. You do some ribbing first and that lays on top of the ear flaps when you wear it. I found it looked a bit cleaner that way.

Haley Fischer said...

I also got confused on what happena after you finish the flaps. Specifically the 1 over 1 part

Nadine said...

the 1 over 1, 1 over 2, or 2 over 1 just means how many loops you are knitting with. 1 over 1 is normal. You knit off one loop and leave one on the peg. 1 over 2 means you knit off one loop and leave 2 on the peg.