Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slippers - Loom knit

Download PDF here.

Items Needed:

Blue Knifty Knitter Loom knitting tool

1-2 balls of Bulky weight yarn - I used Patons Chunky Shetland

  1. Working with two strands together (two strands of yarn=to one strand for knitting over), e-cast on all 24 pegs. This project starts at the heel. E-wrap/twisted knit/single stitch (they are all the same stitch, different names) for 8 rows.
  2. Bind off stitches 13 through 24. Take the loop from peg 24 and place it onto peg 1 and knit off. This creates the opening for your foot.
  3. E-wrap on all 24 pegs again (for the first row, you are just creating loops around the pegs you have bound off; you will work them on the second row). E-wrap stitch for 4 rows.
    Bind off stitches 13 through 24. Take the loop from peg 24 and place it onto peg 1 and knit off (I know it sounds like I just repeated myself.) This makes the strap.
  4. E-wrap back and forth, increasing the row at each end. Repeat two more times (6 total rows)
  5. E-wrap on all 24 pegs again and knit off pegs with two loops. E-wrap stitch for 15 rows or until project reaches desired size.
  6. Cast off with gathering method. This makes the toe.
  7. Gather the other end of the project, this makes the heel.
  8. The openings end up with really loose edges so I do a round or two of single crochet to tighten it up.
  9. The slippers end up about a size 9 or 10 woman’s. To make smaller, use a smaller gauge loom. To make larger, after binding off the first or second time, E-wrap stitch a couple of rows before casting on all the loops again. Can also add rows at the beginning and end.
  10. Then make a matching slipper.

Copyright © Nadine Borovicka 2007 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or distributed without written consent from the author.


Michelle said...

what stitch do you do between row 8 and 13? Regular knit stitch? Thanks!

Deeners said...

Wow. I apologize because this is one of the first patterns I wrote up.

The second step should be "bind off STITCHES 13 - 24" You bind of 1/2 of the stitches to create the opening for the foot. I will make this change in the pattern. Thanks!

Michelle said...

thanks! I will try again.. the last time I tried it was a huge fail. here's a pic the sides didn't go up far enough.. hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to make them higher this time!

DAVID said...

Are these done on a round or long loom?

Deeners said...

They are done on the round loom