Friday, March 11, 2011

Hamthrax- crochet

Crochet pattern by Nadine Borovicka

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A crocheted model of the H1N1 virus with a bit of a twist. It is not only covered with beads representing the two proteins covering the surface of the virus, but it also has a snout. Send your loved ones the gift of swine flu.

Worsted weight yarn- pink in color
Size F crochet hook
2 colors of beads-
Sewing needle and thread that blends into yarn
Yarn needle

MC- magic circle
SC- single crochet
Inc- increase
Dec- decrease
BPSC- back post single crochet
Ch- chain
Sl st- slip stitch

-Body, working in a spiral
1. MC, 6 sc in circle (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. [sc, inc] around (18)
4. [sc, sc, inc] around (24)
5. [sc, sc, sc, inc] around (30)
6. [sc, sc, sc, sc, inc] around (36)
7 -12. Sc around (36)
13.[sc, sc, sc, sc, dec] around (30)
14.[sc, sc, sc, dec] around (24)
15.[sc, sc, dec] around (18)
16.[sc, dec] around (12), stuff firmly
17.Dec around (6)
Fasten off

1. MC, 6 sc in circle (6)
2. Inc around, sl st to join to 1st sc of round (12)
3. Ch 1, BPSC around (12) this creates the ridge of the snout.
4. Sc around, sl st to join to 1st sc of round (12), fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew snout onto body. I used it to cover up the hole in the body where I fastened off. Sew beads all over body in a random pattern. Feel free to get creative with placement and colors at this point. I used a fabric marker to make nostrils on the snout. You could also add eyes if you wanted to.

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